When two players has the same number of rebirth (Ex. The highest rebirth),
the player who has higher level will temporarily be ranked ahead of the other player;

While when the two players has also the same level (Ex. Level 350),
the player who first reach the highest rebirth
(Based on the rebirth time recorded in the website) will be ranked ahead of the other.

No.Character NameLevelRebirthClassSchool
1 -IMMORTAL 350110Extreme(Girl)Phoenix
2 Zane 350110Extreme(Girl)Phoenix
3 LOWKEY 350110Extreme(Girl)Phoenix
4 `jL-24 350110Extreme(Girl)Phoenix
5 Loisa`Andalio 350110Extreme(Girl)SG
6 PUSA 350110Extreme(Girl)SG
7 -Encyclopedia- 350110Extreme(Girl)Phoenix
8 -=DiAm0nD_Sh0T=- 350110Extreme(Girl)Phoenix
9 Cali` 350110Shaman(Girl)SG
10 Stab 350110Assassin(Girl)MP
11 `Monkey-D`Luffy 350110Extreme(Boy)MP
12 K-As-in`Kadyot 350110Extreme(Girl)MP
13 xSolute`D`Beastx 350110Archer(Girl)Phoenix
14 maitimnapekpek 350110Extreme(Boy)MP
15 `Syo 350110Shaman(Girl)SG
16 `-M4A1 350110Extreme(Girl)Phoenix
17 `-RAMPAGE-` 350110Extreme(Boy)SG
18 iMM0RTAL`aCe--- 350110Extreme(Girl)SG
19 -=jheNn=- 350110Extreme(Girl)SG
20 BossRanClassic 350110Extreme(Girl)SG
21 XDatSkieX 350110Extreme(Girl)SG
22 Binibirocha 350110Extreme(Girl)MP
23 Sh0cker8 350110Extreme(Boy)MP
24 `DEMONSpade-Sx` 350110Extreme(Boy)MP
25 iBreeeeezy 350110Extreme(Boy)SG